Magick Co. was founded by a group of friends in Salt Lake City, Utah with a vision for a better energy drink. An energy drink that tastes good, gives the boost you need, and is made of premium and organic ingredients. So when we ditched the sketchy chemicals seen so often in drinks today and combined the clean burning energy of yerba mate with the raw power of functional mushrooms, Magick Co. was born.

Magick Co. is not only an amazing beverage but a platform to cultivate the good vibes, culture, and community that we want to see in this world. Our team is composed of athletes, artists, musicians, creatives and eccentrics and as a company we’re committed to our values of self expression, integrity, and creativity. We want to connect everyone who shares our vision for a healthier, more colorful, and more passionate world. All are welcome.

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride and by choosing Magick Co. we know that we can help you #FindYourMagick